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(What should I do?)

UNPLUG THE POWER CORD AND CONTACT THE SERVICE CENTER. ~~This has been googled by many people asking, "What does this mean?" "What is wrong with my printer?" I know because I did the same thing. I investigated.

I know what it means. It means you are screwed. It means you have to buy a new printer. I had a Cannon Pixima MG 5320.

YOU WILL LEARN: "The printhead is failing, The printer will need to be serviced to correct this error. Please feel free to Contact Us so we can explain your service or repair options."


The answer: "~Please be advised that repair service is no longer available for this product."

However, in appreciation of your continued loyalty, we would like to fully understand your immediate needs and offer an alternative solution. If possible, Please call us toll-free at 1-866-481-2567 to discuss available options.

SO I CALLED THEM. I ended up ordering another Cannon Printer.

I got one on sale plus 10 percent off for being "loyal to Cannon," and I bought a three year warranty. You can bet if it goes out, I'm sending it back for a new one!! (And it will stop working within three years count on it.)

I got some promotional free paper,(more than I need) free shipping, a new printer at the sale price, plus ten percent off because of the Cannon Loyalty plan. I also purchased the three year extended warranty and you can bet I intend to save the box I get the printer in so if it goes out, I can ship it back to them.

Here is a copy of the savings that I got from Canon. I will keep you updated on the products and service I get from them for this new printer. Todays date is Oct 6, 2016. My warrantee last until Oct 6, 2019.

UPDATE: The printer did quit working in March of 2018. The black ink just quit working. I called and they sent me a new printer, but only after I called twice. There was a mix up and they did not send the printer right away like they said they would. There was something on my file about needing a "proof of purchase." I had waited a week for the printer then decided to call them. (Keep those phone numbers handy.)

But they got it figured out and they over nighted my printer to me. I got it the next day. That was nice and expensive for them I'm sure.

I was supposed to send this not working one back to them I failed to find the return lable. I called them and they sent me another one via email. Then I did find the original return lable.

Over all, Cannon has EXCELLENT customer service barring screw-ups by them or me.