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Is this a real picture of the Earth in space from STEREO?

Earth from space

I always ask if there is really a picture of the earth from space that was not an artist's depiction or a composite photo using CGI. So what if NASA is telling the truth about their satellites they have orbiting the sun? (STERO A & B) They call these craft their "Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory" or STEREO - Spacecraft launched in 2006. The picture above is an enlarged version of an object labeled "earth" in one of their STEREO images. You probably will not find this one though.. but here is a link to the latest images from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO - EUVI/COR1/COR2/HI1/HI2) ~ https://sol24.net/page.php?10


Here is an artistic rendering of these two space craft they call STEREO A and B. They do have the ability to photograph the planets and the earth, apparently.


So where are these amazing satellites or observatory craft? Here is a drawing of where they are orbiting below. I would think they would have taken a lot of pictures of the earth from space (outside of and beyond the domed earth I guess.) If not, I hope the new rocket they launched recently to "touch the sun" was equipped with a camera to get a good shot of the earth from space. Do you think they will do that? If not, why not?

Where is STEREO?


"The Parker solar probe, a robotic spacecraft the size of a small car, launched August 12, 2018, from Cape Canaveral in Florida embarking on a seven-year mission during which it will fly into the sun's corona – the outermost part of its atmosphere – within 3.8m miles (6.1m km) of its surface. Scientists are aiming to collect data about the inner workings of the highly magnetized corona, to better understand the causes of solar wind."

(Let's hope they aim to take a real picture of the earth in space so we can see what it really looks like.)




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