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*Should We Just Stop Complaining?*

What are we doing when we complain?

I have read that complaining and telling our personal stories of woe and bad luck to others helps to perpetuate how we view our own lives and are part of the way we actually create and percieve our personal reality. I need to be more conscious and recognize my own habit of complaining and resolve to make the decision to stop or at least reduce it and become more aware how i am complaining.

Today, I noticed myself complaining in a regular conversation. I can’t even remember what I said, but I made some meaningless statements about having two sore toes that were real painful which were the result of a bad pedicure.

Some people enjoy complaining, and they actually seem to have complaining contests on a regular basis, trading stories of woe and trying to top someone else’s sad story. I would challenge you to go on a complaining 'fast.' Do absolutely no complaining for an entire day if you can. (Even to yourself) This will help you become aware of how much you focus on negative things in your life. You will have to pay more attention to what you talk about.

See if you can remember something you complained about today, or notice the next time you find yourself in a complaining contest with someone else.

I'm not saying that it is 'wrong' to complain. I am evaluating what purpose complaining has and how it is creating our personal reality. What we observe and believe and keep our attention on is what we perceive as "reality." Reality is our perceptions. We create and perceive it with our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and observations.

Change your attention, change your attitude, and you will change your reality. Complaining serves to put your attention on things you do not want to create.